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Eternal Blaze of Exodar    
April 2010
Welcome to our guild site! We're glad you're here and interested in learning more about us.  We look forward to learning more about you, and hopefully seeing you become a member.

Eternal Blaze History
Eternal Blaze has been around for a while now, and over the last few years we've really struggled with identity and focus.  There are several reasons for this struggle and we hope that as you explore our guild, you might find some ways to suggest changes for the better.  First, past attempts have been centered around raiding, but there really hasn't been enough commitment to that from all members.   Second, guild leadership has changed hands several times and with each new change in leadership comes a change in philosophy.  Lastly, a lot of the current members work full time or attend school/university and therefore have not had as much as time to devote to playing.   

Eternal Blaze Future
This time around, our focus is going to be on leveling and helping players new to the game.  Our hope is that as we help you, you'll want to stay with us and help us grow.  

Being a casual guild, we are not very strict.  However, there are some simple guidelines we ask our members to adhere to.
1) Keep drama to a minimum. Direct problems to an officer, or if the problem is with an officer, direct the issue to the guild leader.  If the issue is with the guild leader, find a new guild.
2) Don't spam any chat channels.  
3) Don't spam other players with nasty messages or beg people for help incessantly. 
4) Keep up to date with guild requirements.
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